Basic Labor Costs 

(Does not include cost of parts)


  • Bench fee (Diagnosis that requires more than a few minutes   $20                of inspection)                                                                                      

  • Gun Disassembly/ Assembly                                                            $40

  • Hop up work (installing new hop up/ chamber, ect.)                   $30

  • Gear Box Work (anything requiring disassembly of gearbox)    $60

  • Gear Box Work (GB is out of gun when given to Extreme)          $40

  • Motor Work (Repairing motor, installing new motor, ect.)          $30

  • Spring Work (Bolt action snipers)                                                    $40

  • Gas Magazine Repair (Re-sealing, installing new parts, ect.)      $10

  • Gas Rifle/ Shotgun repair (Disassembly/ repair, ect.)                   $50

  • Gas Pistol/ Smg repair (Disassembly/ repair, ect.)                        $30

  • HPA Install, Jack/SMP system                                                            $60

  • HPA install, Fusion Engine system                                                   $40

  • Misc. small job, <5 minutes required                                              Free

  • Misc. small job, 6-15 minutes required                                          $10

  • Misc. small job, 16-30 minutes required                                        $20

  • Misc. small job, >30 minutes required                 Put It In For Repair

  • Free labor for guns under warranty.up 

Post Repair Warranty:

  • For all standard repairs, warranty period is 14 days after date of pickup.

  • Must present receipt at time of warranty claim

  • Warranty claim must be related to work performed on gun or item

  • Gun upgrades related to 11.1v Lipo use only carry a 7 day warranty

  • Warranty will void due to the following:

    • Evidence of use of 11.1v lipo in guns not prepared to use them

    • Evidence of use of low quality pellets or any .12g pellets

    • Evidence of disassembly of the gun in any way

    • Evidence of user error


Gun Pick Up Policy:

  • Once you have been notified your repair has been completed via phone and email, you have 30 days to pick up your gun and pay for repair services rendered. Once 30 days has passed, all ownership of the gun is relinquished to Extreme Airsoft.