1960’s. Chicago. The battle for control of the city rages in the streets. The Irish Mafia, led by Daniel Greene and the Italian Mob, led by Fat Tony Salerno want to be the top organization in town. Fortunately, SGT. Edward Kovacic of the Chicago PD and FBI Detective Marty McCann are coordinating to undermine their efforts. Will you join the side of the law, in an attempt to disrupt the Italian Mob and the Irish Mafia? Or will you join them and strive to be the only game in town? These missions are going to be extended, plan to stay on the field for 30-45 minutes at a time, with longer reload times. This allows us to add depth and more interest into games. No Re-entry allowed once you exit the field. No SAWs are allowed at this event, so don’t bring it expecting to run it. There will be NPC’s in play, who can either help you or hurt your cause depending on your interactions with them. A merchant system will also be incorporated, as money and goods found on the field or earned from missions and NPC interactions will allow your team to purchase field upgrades to give you the edge in a pinch!


This event is written and presented to you by the RICONN REAPERS, our house team. Pre-Registration saves you $5, guarantees your spot on a team, plus there will be a raffle!



Irish Mafia - Polos and Slacks

Italian Mob - Suits and Ties

Chicago PD - Cop Uniform

Blues FBI - Button-Down Shirt and Jeans

2020 Extreme Airsoft

1425 Kingstown Rd. Wakefield, RI 02879