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April 1945. WWII Seems to be coming to an inevitable conclusion. The Red Army have been relentless in their attacks, advancing through German-occupied territory into the German heartland. The Wehrmacht have sustained heavy casualties, with a portion of their fighting force consisting of Hitler youth and civilian militia. Germany, backed into Berlin, plans several last efforts to break the line and stall the Red Army.


The US Army, after it’s costly victory in the Ardennes against the Waffen SS, is making progress into German territory. Now making their way past the Rhine river, the Waffen SS set up defenses around Western Berlin to prepare for conflict. With Hitler and most of the German high command in Berlin, capturing the city would prove to end the war immediately. 


Another post-war asset would be the German nuclear weapons programme, offering their research and materials for V-2 rockets, nuclear reactors, and the scientists and personnel in charge of the program.


With the conflicting political and economic ideals, the US and Russia have different goals, and after the German surrender may lead to potential conflict.


Will the US Army make it to Berlin? Or will the Red Army beat them there? Will the Waffen SS and Wehrmacht be able to beat the impossible odds and snatch victory from the Allies? And what will happen if the US and Red Army both back Germany into a corner, and resources are on the line?


Join a side, and change history!!




US ARMY: Green (Or Green camo)


Red Army: Tan (or Tan Camo)


Waffen SS:  Black (Or Black camo)


Wermacht: Black (Or Black camo)

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