As the result of a cataclysmic explosion at Extreme Airsoft headquarters, superheroes and villains alike find themselves teleported into a new dimension. In a world where marvel and dc characters are combined, chaos is bound to ensue. 


The Joker and his right hand Harley Quinn are forced to team up with the infamous Thanos to defeat the dynamic hero teams led by Captain America and Superman.


 When our protagonists awaken to discover they are surrounded by teams of villains ready to strike, they are forced to decide if they hope to bond together and defeat these super villains, or perish in their own elitism.


This intense marvel/DC crossover forces your teams to create battle strategies, and exploit your enemies weaknesses. Everything's been leading here. Every villain. Every hero. Every victory. Every defeat. Forget everything you think you know. Because none of that matters anymore. You decide your fate. Choose your team wisely. 

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