Nerf Parties

Party Packages


Up to 10 players



11-20 players


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21-30 players



31 or more players


Party Add Ons

Private Party Fee

This fee is only applicable if you choose a time slot OTHER THAN

Sat or Sun



 Basic Food


3 Lg cheese pizzas &

12 Drinks

Printable Invitations

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Option 2

Food Package

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*Food Package not available for NERF 9:00-11:00am parties

Things to know:

-Prices include a Nerf gun, darts and safety glasses for each player

-If you have more or less players show up, we will adjust the price accordingly on the day of.

-A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to officially book a party. The deposit is subject to our normal return/refund policy.

-We have a "party room" that is available for no additional charge. This room may not always be available

-Party is 2 hours long, this includes check in time, any meal breaks or other breaks the party wishes to take. We cannot guarantee 2 hours of play time

-You may bring in your own food, drinks and/or decor. If you bring your own food, you are responsible for bringing paper goods

-If you purchase a food package through us, we will provide all supplies. 

-Players may bring their own Nerf guns if they wish. Extreme Airsoft Inc. is not liable for any lost, stolen or damaged items. Players should NOT bring their own darts as we provide darts for everyone who shows up to play.

-Party hosts MUST remain on premises for the duration of the party

-Party goers are held to the same rules as any other player and are subject to the same discipline. This includes sitting out games or ejection from gaming for the rest of the day (party). There will be no refunds for misbehaving.