Single Night Tournament Rules

Teams & Players

-Teams may be between 5 and 8 players (price is per player)

-Participants must be 16 years or older

-Uniforms or at least matching shirts are suggested but not mandatory

-All players must wear rubber-soled athletic shoes. 

-Good sportsmanship is required! Remember being competitive does not mean you have to be a     bad sport.

-Each team shall designate a player as Team Captain. Team Captain will be the point of contact for the team.

-It is ok for teams to ask other players from other teams to be subs or "fill ins" to avoid a forfeit.

-If a team is not present at game time, or does not have a minimum of 5 players, they will forfeit.

Ways to Win

-Eliminate all active players on the opposing team

-Rounds are 10 minutes in length. If at the end of 10 minutes, there are still players on the field, the team with the MOST amount of active players wins that round.

Starting the Game

-ALL members of the two teams will come out to the field. Team Captain will choose the starting 5 players (this should be decided ahead of time). All extra players will go to their designated "jail" and will rotate into the game.

-At no point during the game may a team have more than 5 players active on the field. 

-Team will be ready when all 5 active players have at least one hand on their respawn wall.

-Players will begin the game with balls in hand. Number of balls assigned to each team will vary depending on several factors and will be decided on by referees. On some occations there will  be additional balls scattered around the field. Referees will indicate if that is the case. 

-A referee will ensure both teams are ready, and with a countdown, will blow a horn one time indicating the start of the game. 

During the Game

-Players may move around the field however they wish. There are no boundaries for moving around and no center line/offsides. 

-All balls must be thrown below shoulder height.

-A player is out if they are hit by a ball, regardless of who threw it. This means friendly fire DOES count so be aware of your own team mates. 

-If a thrown ball hits the floor or exterior walls BEFORE it hits a player, NO ONE is out.

-If a thrown ball hits any interior building/barricade BEFORE it hits a player, the player is out.

-Thrown balls can only hit out 1 player per throw. So if a ball is thrown and hits one person, then bounces to a second person, only the first player is out.

-If a player throws a ball, and the opposing team catches it, the thrower is out. However, if the ball hits the floor or a boundary wall BEFORE the ball is caught, NO ONE is out.

 -If a thrown ball hits an interior building/barricade BEFORE it is caught, the thrower is out. 

-If a thrown ball hits a player, and a second player catches the ball before it hits the floor or exterior wall, the thrower AND the first person to get hit are BOTH out.  

-Players may use their ball to block. However, if the ball is knocked out of their hand while blocking, they will be out. 

-If a player uses a ball to block, and is still hit anywhere on their body other than their hands, they are out. 

-Players may only hold a ball for 10 seconds, afterwards the ball becomes dead and needs to be gently rolled in the direction of the opposing team.

-Players may throw balls to fellow team mates. This is recommended if you have had the ball for almost 10 seconds. If a ref tells  you "Times Up" you MUST roll the ball to the other team.

-When a player is out, they are to raise both arms and get to the designated "jail" as quickly as possible. Players are to remain in order of when they got out.

-Players may re-enter the game when one of their team mates makes a legitimate catch. See rules above for rules of legitimate catches.

-If there are already 5 team members already on the field, NO ONE from jail may enter the game, even if a ball is caught. 

-Ball catches may not be "banked" (saved for later) and are only good for that immediate moment. 

-In the event of an injury or other incident, a referee will blow the horn one time and ALL players must stop movement and wait for further instructions from a referee. If a ball is in mid air during the tone, that ball is no longer active and is considered a dead ball. 

Ending the Game

-Referee will blow horn twice to indicate the end of the game.

-All players must stop all movement at the tone. If a ball is in mid air during the tone, that ball is still active until it hits a player, wall or barrier. If it hits a player, that player is out. If it is caught, the thrower is out. All rules above still apply to this ball.

-Each round is a maximum of 10 minutes

-If all players on one team are eliminated before the 10 minutes is up, the round is over and the team with active players left on the field is the winning team.

-If there are still active players from both teams on the field at the end of the 10 minutes, the team with the MOST amount of active players on the field is the winning team.