Two Of The Largest Airsoft Gatherings Of The Year...

Coming Together To Make Airsoft History!


What is EA Fest?

Extreme Airsoft Festival 2020 is our 11 Year Anniversary Party. This year is all about the local airsoft scene. We will be bringing together local celebrities, local organizers, and local vendors.

What is NE Airsoft Expo?

North East Airsoft Expo 2019 is an airsoft community event open to ALL stores, fields, teams, event producers and other airsoft related organizations. Come set up a booth to promote, network, sell and meet other people in the industry. Or come and browse all the booths to buy or socialize. Interested in joining or starting a team? Looking for events near you? Hoping to get more serious with airsoft? The NE Expo is the regional airsoft community all in one place on one day!